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As the experienced developer in Portugal with international network, Global Assets presents the most diversifiedand premium real estate portfolio.

Exclusive Top Quality with Prime Location and Diversified Options:

Cover downtown apartment close to international schools, hospitals; villa with sea view / beside golf course etc.

Competitive price:

All of our properties are first-hand.

Due diligence:

A legal due diligence is performed over each project prior entering into our portfolio by third party law firm.

We Work, Develop and Represent…

With prime location, most of our projects are located at the urban center, close to downtown hospitals, clinics and international private colleges. At the historic center it is still possible to read the ancient history of the city just looking to the old facades. And large multinationals can be found in the middle of business and financial center. On the other hand, our best projects are near the sea or close to the best golf courses, with the most beautiful scenery of nature. From North to South we have chosen, selected and designed projects for you and your family in a way that your selection is always a safe investment.

Premium Properties

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