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In 2010, the European Consumers Choice Awards rated Lisbon (capital of the country) as the “Best Destination 2010” and in 2011 it was voted one of the 42 cities in the world with the best quality of life by the Worldwide Quality of Living Survey 2011.

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Portuguese gastronomy is strongly based on home cooking and artisanal products, for which, along with sun and beaches, is famous for. Portuguese cuisine varies from North to South, but fresh fish and shellfish are found on virtually every menu. Most Portuguese restaurants are extremely good value, while Portuguese wine enjoys a growing worldwide reputation.


The Portuguese wine has managed to assert itself internationally for being a unique and differentiating proposition, based on the diversity and uniqueness of their grapes and their terrors, which is associated with a very consistent quality and excellent value for money. Today the international reputation of Portuguese wines is unquestionable. In 2011 exports of wines grew 10% in value…

Vine Facts

Exports 2011: 675M€

% of production exported: 42%;

Worldwide wine exporter: NO. 10

Worldwide producer: NO. 12

Cost of living


Food 68,2

Food 68,2 (Index: New York = 100)


Service 67,9

Service 67,9 (Index: New York= 100)


Bus Ticket €1,80

Bus Ticket €1,80 (10 km journal )


Clouthing 53,3

Clouthing 53,3 (Index: New York = 100)


Metro Ticket €1,40

Metro Ticket €1,40 (10 km journal)


Restaurant Meal €40

Restaurant Meal €40 (3 good quality main courses)

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