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Portugal: One of the Best Places to Live

Portugal, one of the developed capitalist countries, is a member of the Schengen countries, also a founding member of the euro. Portugal is ideally located in the southwest end of the Iberian Peninsula in Europe, adjacent to Atlantic Ocean in the west and south, and bordering with Spain in the north and east, with a massive coastline of more than 840 km. In the modern history of Western world, Portugal is one of the key birthplaces of European history and culture. In the 16th century, it had become a colonial empire together with Spain and made a significant influence on the world pattern. Imagine living in a country where you can find a huge diversity of landscapes and environments in a small area: sandy beaches as far as the eye can see, golden plains and mountain, vibrant and cosmopolitan cities and a millennial heritage. Here you can practice water sports, play golf on the best courses in the world, contemplate nature, experience the most novel well-being treatments, or just get out into the country and discover.

Portugal offers a top lifestyle to your needs.

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Portuguese Republic

Capital: Lisbon

Religion: Catholic

Common Language: Portuguese & English

Land area: about 92,000 square kilometers

Population: About 11 million

Currency: Euro

Average temperature: 7 ~ 11 °C in Jan; 20 ~ 26 °C in July

Sino-Portuguese relations: establishment of diplomatic relations on February 8, 1979

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