Golden Visa

Investors can get Golden Residence Permit through investing on real estate in Portugal with the price of more than 500 K Euro.

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Why Golden Residence Permit?

Low entry conditions

  • No requirement on financial origin
  • Short permission period (Minimum application duration: only 2 months)
  • No “immigration prison”: stay in Portugal for 7 days in the first year; 14 days in each period of two consecutive years

Enjoy Portuguese Citizenship Benefits After Obtaining GRP

Global Citizen: Free circulation in the Schengen area(26 Schengen countries); In 5 years obtain Permanent Residence; in 6 years obtain nationality and enjoy visa-free of 172 countries

European Citizen: Free social benefits including free education, healthcare etc.

International Investment Gateway: Portugal belongs to European Union and CPLP and is the key gateway for investment in Europe, Latin America and Africa

“Family Reunification Program”: One investor, 3 generations immigrate

Invest safely with guarantee

  • Portugal real estate market is monitored by government and stable
  • Permanent property right, no inheritance tax
  • Property can be rented; after 5 years can be sold
  • Investment can be distributed in various propertiesand various property types

How to Apply

The whole application process can be authorized to Portugal lawyer.Except for the biological data collection, the applicant himself/herselfis required to go to Portugal.


Applicant condition

Main applicant (investor)

  • 18 years-old; no criminal record
  • Purchase and holding property of at least 500,000 euros
  • Stay in Portugal for 7 days in the first year; and 14 days in each period of two consecutive yetars.


Affiliated Applicant

  • The spouse of the Investor
  • The minor children of the Investor
  • Parents and the older children of the Investor, provided their economical dependency on the investorgo to Portugal.

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