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Up to June, there are 3609 in total get Golden Residence Permit, only the number approved in the first half year is beyond that in the last year.

It is shown that: until June 30, it brings 509 million Euro to Portugal, among which real estate brings almost 457 million Euro. The Golden Visa issued adds up to 821, which is beyond the amount of 2015.

Main applicants approved in June: 157, in total: 3609. In addition, the main applicants from Jan to Jun adds up to 821, compared with 398 from Jan to Jun in 2015, it is easily seen that the amount of main applicants approved in the first half year of 2016 is with year-on year growth of 423 people.

There are 144 people get GRP through acquiring real estate in June, taking 94% of the total amount approved, which can be seen that real estate investment is the main way for investor.

Among 3609, there are 3405 get approved through real estate, and Chinese are 2743, which takes about 81% of the total real estate investor. Let’s expect Portugal bring more good news for us in the near future.

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