Lifestyle: Three travel agencies gain the authorization of “Welcome Chinese”

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According to Dinheiro Vivo, Freeport, SofitelLisboa Liberdade and Torres Joalheiros becomes the first batch with authorization of “Welcome Chinese” in Portugal.

“Welcome Chinese” authorization is issued by China Tourism Academy, aiming at providing better service for Chinese tourists.

The basic standards to acquire this authorization are: wifi; China Union Pay; Chinese version homepage.

For hotel, there will be another two standards: Chinese breakfast; hot water service.

It is reported that there are more than 600 international entrepreneurs gained the authorization of “Welcome Chinese”, which brings them huge impact and return.

When it comes to Labor Day, National Day, Mid-Autumn Day and Spring Festival, many Chinese tourists will go abroad to visit other countries, and “Welcome Chinese” authorization can help attracting Chinese tourists.

In recent years, the amount of Chinese outbound tourists increases sharply, and Portugal has gradually become the place Chinese tourists would like to visit. In the past year, some cities like Lisbon also held some activities focus on Chinese tourists.

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